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If you would like to build the capacity to undertake iRAP assessments within your government agency or would like to become an accredited supplier which is able to tender for iRAP projects, please contact:

Alessandra Françóia – Training and Accreditation Coordinator

Frequently asked questions – iRAP’s training and accreditation process 

Question: My company has two different inspection systems. Can we use the accreditation for both systems?

Answer: Each system needs to be accredited separately.

Question: My company has two vehicles with the same type of inspection system. Do we need to submit an application for both vehicles?

Answer: No, each type of Inspection system can only be accredited once. If the company has more than one vehicle with the same system, the accreditation covers all of them. 

Question: My company works closely with another company and both companies have the same system, can we use my accredited certificate for both companies?

Answer: The accreditation is awarded to the company which manufactures the inspection system. If there are different companies using it, the companies can each say that they use a system that is iRAP accredited.

Question: Can I just send my surveys and the projects I have been working on in order to renew my accreditation?

Answer: At the renewal phase, iRAP will assess supplier performance, client feedback, and compliance with the Code of Conduct. A new training programme is recommended and may be a required for accreditation renewal.

Question: What iRAP activities are eligible for accreditation?

Answer: Survey, Coding, and Analysis and Reporting are the three types of activities eligible for accreditation. The individual can become accredited for one or all of these activities.

Question: Is iRAP accreditation compulsory?

Answer: No, It is possible to do iRAP assessments without accreditation. However, we strongly recommend that you take training and we also encourage organisations that are performing and/or commissioning iRAP assessments to make use of accredited personnel.