Big data and artificial intelligence can play a lead role in building the social and economic business case for safer roads and create the scale of change needed to save millions of lives. The accelerated and intelligent collection and coding of road attribute data has the potential to reduce the time and effort required to undertake road safety assessments, reduce the costs and improve accuracy. Together with iRAP’s Star Rating models, Ai-RAP has the potential to put this road safety data at the fingertips of road authorities, policy-makers, investors and road users worldwide.

Ai-RAP captures the advances in artificial intelligence, machine learning, vision systems LIDAR, telematics and other data sources to deliver critical information on road safety, crash performance, investment prioritisation and Star Rating of roads for all road users.

iRAP and its partners across the world are already using the common global specification for recording of road features that impact road safety to streamline and benchmark performance. The accelerated and intelligent coding of these attributes can provide significant savings and also deliver the scale and frequency of data collection to support comprehensive performance tracking over time. This will support decision-making and investment prioritisation on the scale needed to deliver a world free of high-risk roads.

The accelerated and intelligent collection of road attribute information could take many forms. Ai-RAP will be structured in a way to maximise the value and accessibility of data and provide maximum flexibility for new and innovative ways of sourcing the required data.

iRAP encourages innovation and the sharing of success and where possible, collaboration. Some developments are commercial in nature and will lead to a range of Ai-RAP Accredited Suppliers who can offer services or data. Other developments are within the RAP Programme Charitable Partnerships that work in a spirit of mutual benefit for all and will be provided for global partners to freely use.

Together, with a focus on saving lives worldwide, more and more attributes will be certified as part of the Ai-RAP Conversion Pipeline. Each attribute will make a great contribution to road safety individually and together they will ultimately provide KPI metrics for all countries at the attribute level, light and full star rating level and ultimately through improved Ai-RAP predictive modelling of crash risk worldwide.

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