How to achieve a star rating target: advanced investment planning in ViDA – two part webinar coming in August

Dates: 4 and 6 August at 5pm AEST
Duration of each session: 70 to 90 minutes.
Prerequisite: Completion of Star Rating Essentials course
Preferred: Completion of Star Ratings for Designs and Building Your Coding Skills courses
Fee: USD150
Target audience: Professionals working to improve the safety of roads, including ViDA Creator account users and iRAP accredited suppliers.

UN Member States have agreed on 12 Global Road Safety Performance Targets to drive action across the world.[1] Target 3 is for all new roads to be built to a 3-star or better standard and Target 4 is for more than 75% of travel to occur on the equivalent of 3-star or better roads by 2030.

In support of the Global Road Safety Performance Targets, this webinar will teach participants how the iRAP software, ViDA, can be used to plan infrastructure and speed management improvements that will achieve a star rating target for all road users.

This two-part webinar will present:

  1. The Global Road Safety Performance Targets and examples of real projects that set Star Rating targets.
  2. How ViDA can be used to model the impact that various infrastructure and speed management improvements have on Star Ratings and estimated fatalities and serious injuries, and how a Star Rating target can be achieved.
  3. Live demonstration of the use of ViDA investment planning techniques.
  4. Pre-reading materials, practical assignments and a certificate for successful completion of all course activities.


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