A recent announcement from the Government of South Australia will see improvements to the Star Rating of roads captured in the Infrastructure SA 20-year strategy.

The benefits to health, liveable cities, regional tourism all recognised in ensuring the State makes progress to 80% of travel on 3-star or better roads for all road users. 

As the trend for greater density in urban areas grow, 5-star for pedestrians and cyclists can also be a focus for active mobility in CBD areas.

74% of South Australia’s road network are currently only one- or two-stars which is significantly below the national target of 80% of travel above 3-stars.

The improvement of the tourist experience and road safety infrastructure on regional roads will be a focus, where 59% of fatal road crashes occur. These improvements will include:

  • sealing specific routes and upgrading some unsealed roads;
  • road widening, shoulder sealing, passing lanes, fixing bottlenecks on popular regional roads, and;
  • road-related infrastructure including new or enhanced parking bays, and safe pull-out areas.

Investment in job creation and capital works but also the quick to plan maintenance spend identified as the keys to success that will save lives and reduce the tragedy and burden of road injuries. 

This is also important for Covid19 stimulus package now and freeing up health system capacity in the future. 

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