This book shows how strategic management can be practised in the context of flexibility. It discusses strategic formulation and implementation perspectives and practices, including vision and mission, general environment analysis, industry analysis, competitive advantage, resource and capability view, generic strategies, business level strategy, corporate level strategy, international strategy, change and turnaround, strategic implementation, and strategic controls, as well as flexibility.

The textbook features a chapter on FedEx. In addition to other corporate information and analysis, the chapter also features IndiaRAP, a FedEx-sponsored road safety programme.

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Authors of the ‘Cases in Strategic Management: A Flexibility Perspective’ textbook:

  • Sanjay Dhir is an Assistant Professor and Chair of the Strategic Management Group at the Department of Management Studies, IIT Delhi.
  • Sushil is Abdulaziz Alsagar Chair Professor (Professor of Strategic, Flexible Systems and Technology Management), and in the Strategic Management Area at the Department of Management Studies, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi.
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