During the past year RADAR project Consortium, 10 Project Partners and 12 Associated Strategic Partners, have devoted unprecedented attention to road safety. Road traffic fatalities remain one of the most pressing challenges of our time, with 1.35 million people killed every year and we all have a responsibility to stop that. To draw attention to this growing problem, the RADAR project has devoted its goals, objectives, and activities to contribute to improving road safety.

One year later the RADAR team is pleased to report that with the formation of Road Safety Expert Group (RSEG), the first meeting of RSEG, launch of Road Safety Infrastructure Training courses in Slovenia and CroatiaStudy visits in Slovenia and Croatia, the RADAR project activities have already resulted in the initiation of several discussions about seriousness of improving road safety. In the next months, we will continue with training courses across the Danube area counties, as well as with broadening our practical knowledge through Study visits and sharing gained knowledge within RSEG meetings.

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