The International Road Federation (IRF) Global Training Institute is hosting an ‘Engineering Solutions to Implement iRAP Surveys’  Training Course from 4 – 8 March 2019 (Washington DC,USA).

Preventive risk mapping is an effective instrument to help road authorities reduce the number of road traffic crashes and injuries, because design standards alone cannot guarantee road safety in all conditions.

This new course, jointly delivered by the International Road Federation and the International Road Assessment Program will assist road safety professionals translate risk mapping and road safety investment plans into treatment strategies and actionable measures on their road networks.

iRAP’s Managing Director – Strategic Projects Greg Smith will be facilitating the 5 day course along with Michael G. Dreznes, Executive Vice President, IRF. Find out more about the Lead Instructors here

Course outcomes:

  • Focus on road deficiencies that lead to severe and fatal injuries
  • Create Star Ratings and Safer Road Investment Plans
  • Design treatment support strategies
  • Focus on measures that address vulnerable road users
  • Identify and apply correct treatment measures
  • Correctly utilize national and international reference manuals
  • Present findings to decision-makers
  • Make a compelling case for safety investments.

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