On 16 January, a Korean delegation of eight representatives visited the Road to Zero Complex in Melbourne to learn about the iRAP and AusRAP programmes and how KoRAP activity may be shaped to save lives in their country.

Presentations included:

Delegates also toured the Road to Zero exhibition.

The delegation included representatives from the Korea Transport Institute (KOTI), Office of the Prime Minister, National Assembly, National Policy Agency, Korean Association of Insurance Companies, Association of Grassroots for Safe Life and the Association of Best Taxi Drivers.

According to the 2018 WHO Global Status Report, currently 88% of pedestrian travel, 85% to bicyclist travel,  and 67% of motorcyclist travel is on 1- or 2-star roads. Achieving the United Nations Target for >75% of travel on 3-star or better roads for all road users by 2030 stands to save 1,903 fatalities per year in the country (iRAP Business Case for Safer Roads).

KOTI is an iRAP Centre of Excellence helping to focus expertise, ownership and leadership for global RAP programmes at a technical level.

iRAP’s sincere thanks go to Blair Turner from ARRB who coordinated the visit, TAC for hosting and catering for the event, Anne Harris from TAC who conducted the exhibition tour, and the presenters on the day.

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