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Mexican life saver

A huge 3-star or better focused RAP survey with the potential to prevent 400,000 deaths and serious injuries over 20 years has been completed in Mexico.

Funded by Mexico’s Ministry of Transportation and Communications (SCT), the three stage project kicked off in 2012 with the assessment of 45,000km of the main road network.

In 2013 20,000km of the secondary network was assessed and in the final stage of the project 43,000km of the main road network was reassessed following investment by Government and toll-road operators across the country. (Pictured right, a view of an improved road section)

The investment by the Government and private sector partners in Mexico has raised 17% of the network from 1 or 2-star levels to 3-star or better. ‘

This is a huge project with enormous life-saving opportunities,’ said Senior Road Safety Engineer Agustin Centeno. ‘On the Capufe Queretaro – Irapuato road alone total fatalities have been reduced by 52% over the 3 year period. Our congratulations to all the partners on their success’.

Surveying, coding, analysis and production of the results was undertaken by iRAP’s accredited supplier SEMIC. A quality review was done by Instituto Mexicano del Transporte and EuroRAP’s Spanish partner the Royal Automobile Club of Catalonia. The survey results are now with SCT.

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