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3-star or better

For the first time the United Nations has included road deaths and injuries as a Sustainable Development Goal (3.6). iRAP believes that improving the world's roads to a 3-star or better rating is a key way to achieve the SDG target of halving road deaths and injuries by 2020.

The Sustainable Development Goal has injected a sense of urgency into the debate on safer roads. iRAP is a partner in the Global Three Star Campaign which has focused our efforts, and those of partners worldwide, with simple achievable advocacy goals. The campaign's focus is the adoption of 3-star or better targets for all road users on new road projects and maximising travel on 3-star or better roads for all road users on existing roads. These objective, evidence-based metrics provide simple, repeatable and realistic targets for countries and organisations to embrace.

Advocacy for 3-star or better roads

iRAP is committed to helping its partners to become powerful advocates for 3-star or better roads. We work to achieve this through supporting policy initiatives, presenting at key events and producing materials that promote the case for 3-star or better roads. Here you will find a range of materials that we are developing to support our partners and advocates.

Our core advocacy document - 'How 3-star or better roads can cut death and trauma' - makes a persuasive economic case for 3-star or better. It demonstrates that for each US$1 invested in road safety infrastructure more than US$8 of benefits can be unlocked.  It is a powerful resource for 3-star or better advocacy.

How 3-star or better roads can cut death and trauma (Global)

How 3-star or better roads can cut death and trauma (Espanol)

How 3-star or better roads can cut death and trauma (Portugues)

How 3-star or better roads can cut death and trauma (EuroRAP version)    




 Working towards a 3-star or better Europe (Video)




3-star and better upgrades: Slovakia (Case Study)


 A success story: EuroRAP - targets for Highways England (Case Study)



3-star or better resources centre

Are you looking for resources to support your 3-star or better advocacy work? Click here to view downloadable print-ready English, Spanish and Portuguese banners and informative PowerPoints.


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