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Star Rating Designs in Mumbai 2016-04-26
Road Safety in Asia 2016 2016-04-18
Don't miss these great opportunities! 2016-04-17
Learning curve in Fortaleza 2016-04-10
Building positive relationships in Africa 2016-03-31
All systems go for Barbados project 2016-03-31
Dramatic increase in road safety in Philippines pilot 2016-03-30
Try out this great learning taster! 2016-02-29
Malaysia shifts up towards a 3 star world 2016-02-24
Seoul delegates learn about iRAP success 2016-01-26
Three star safety by 2020 - no excuse! 2016-01-26
Helping to make cities safer 2016-01-26
New centre of excellence in Brazil 2016-01-26
Sustainable mobility in the spotlight 2016-01-26
World Road Association launches new road safety manual 2015-11-03
Road assessment training in South Africa 2015-11-03
Plan to prevent deaths and serious injuries in the Danube region 2015-11-03
Safety assessments of bus rapid transit corridors in Vietnam and Brazil 2015-10-29
Prestigious ACRS Fellowship awarded to Rob McInerney 2015-10-16
Building IndiaRAP Workshop 2015-10-07
We want to appoint a Communications Officer 2015-10-04
New edition of Vaccines for Roads benchmarks global safety performance 2015-09-15
Innovation Workshop explores new ideas for safety leadership, investment and scaling-up 2015-09-15
Leaders commit to eliminating 1 and 2 star roads on major road networks 2015-09-15
How much do crashes cost where you live? 2015-09-15
Road safety assessment training in the Philippines 2015-07-02
Plan to prevent 55,000 fatalities and serious injuries in Brazil 2015-07-01
ITE webinar: how road assessment programs address safety 2015-06-30
Green light for Safe Schools South Africa 2015-06-30
Insurance Research Campaign of the Year 2015-06-29
90% reduction in crashes on Britain’s most improved road 2015-06-25
Life-saving improvements to the Midland Highway in Australia 2015-05-19
SWOV becomes an iRAP Centre of Excellence 2015-05-05
EuroRAP developing project in the Danube Region 2015-04-15
iRAP assessments in Uruguay 2015-04-15
New Bloomberg Philanthropies initiative under way 2015-04-14
Assessments on track in Brazil 2015-04-14
IRF Road Safety Challenge for Africa 2015-04-09
The 3-star coalition 2015-04-08
Take part in upcoming iRAP training events 2015-04-06
National highway safety program enters a new phase in China 2015-04-06
Planning safer roads in Papua New Guinea 2015-04-06
World leaders must take the lead in saving lives 2015-01-19
Minister flags Star Ratings for roads in Britain 2015-01-16
Road assessments in Uruguay begin 2015-01-15
Save the date: iRAP Asia Pacific Workshop 2015-01-15
AIRSO 50th Anniversary Road Safety Award 2015-01-15
Interactive Star Rating results for Indian roads now online 2015-01-15
Safer Roads by Design Certified Training Program 2015-01-14
Do you want to develop life-saving software? 2015-01-13
New Star Rating Demonstrator 2014-11-28
New iRAP assessments in Brazil 2014-11-26
Large-scale cooperation in Europe finds ways to save lives 2014-11-25
Lowering the percentage of 1 and 2 star rated highways in Australia 2014-11-25
New reports push the bounds in the UK 2014-11-24
Cambodia’s Minister for Transport calls for greater action on safety 2014-11-12
EuroRAP appoints new Managing Director 2014-11-04
Third iRAP innovation workshop 2014-10-10
Safe schools in Cape Town 2014-08-12
Do you want to be a leader in European road safety? 2014-08-12
Preliminary assessments in the Cayman Islands 2014-08-12
Safety upgrades and new inspections in India 2014-08-11
Minister says safe road infrastructure is new priority for Albanian roads 2014-08-11
Training and professional development opportunities 2014-08-11
Life-saving improvements to the Bruce Highway 2014-08-11
Road attribute coding Q&A 2014-08-10
How to avoid 1,400 fatalities and serious injuries in Catalonia? 2014-07-18
EuroRAP is seeking a CEO 2014-07-02
Improving safety for our children 2014-06-27
ChinaRAP wins Star Performer award 2014-06-25
Death of peoples' champion should be a catalyst for action 2014-06-04
Pilot project underway in Japan 2014-05-29
6% of Hungarian network achieves the best risk rating 2014-05-28
Road safety in the home of the World Cup 2014-05-28
Fatality-free roads of the future 2014-05-27
Standard TOR and technical specifications 2014-05-26
‘Safe Schools’ project in South Africa 2014-05-23
IRF Regional Congresses and World Road Statistics 2014-05-23
SENSOR features in European Road Safety Day 2014-05-09
International Road Safety Award 2014-05-06
Safety demonstration project in the Philippines 2014-02-28
Program begins in the Cayman Islands 2014-02-28
Life saving efforts underway in Egypt 2014-02-28
Safety assessments beginning in Uttar Pradesh, India 2014-02-28
Engineers from all 32 States in Mexico in training 2014-02-27
Safety improvement works underway in Belize 2014-02-27
Asia Pacific Road Safety 2014 2014-02-27
Rehabilitation works underway on the M2 in Moldova 2013-12-11
Safer Roads by Design for Sao Paulo 2013-12-11
World Road Statistics and Safer Roads By Design 2013-12-09
Safety a major focus of planned investments in Shaanxi 2013-12-06
Want to know more about the iRAP methodology? 2013-12-04
Lane markings 'rails' for self-steering vehicles 2013-11-27
KiwiRAP wins prestigious international award 2013-11-19
Award winning safety assessments in Genesee County 2013-11-14
Preventing 10,000 deaths and serious injuries in South East Europe 2013-11-07
Safety assessments in Colombia complete 2013-10-28
Measuring to Manage: Crash Rates in the UK 2013-10-25
Assessments underway in Nepal, Bhutan and Yemen 2013-09-30
Unlocking success at the 2013 Innovation Workshop 2013-09-30
Volunteers capture the spirit of cooperation 2013-09-30
Secretaría de Comunicación y Transportes hosts 2nd LAC workshop 2013-09-23
International Handbook of Road Safety 2013-09-18
Eradicating risk on Dutch provincial roads 2013-09-10
Safe System infrastructure: implementation issues in low- and middle-income countries 2013-08-29
Are you a software developer who wants to help save lives? 2013-08-19
Tackling 1 and 2-star roads in Australia 2013-07-24
Gary Liddle joins our efforts to save lives 2013-07-16
Apply to become an IRF Fellow 2013-07-15
New road attribute risk factor fact sheets 2013-07-15
‘Orange Angel’ and ‘Brazilian Angel’ on the road! 2013-07-12
usRAP successfully completes pilot phases 2013-06-27
Training helps accelerate and scale-up safety efforts in India 2013-06-10
South Africa free of high-risk roads 2013-06-03
ChinaRAP @ RS4C 2013-05-20
Crash costs exceed maintenance budget in Spain 2013-05-15
AMZS publish comprehensive RAP results for Slovenia 2013-05-10
KOTI joins the iRAP family 2013-05-10
KSHIP and World Bank joint winners of Star Performer award 2013-04-09
Road assessments in RS10 countries steaming ahead 2013-03-21
Study iRAP at the University of Birmingham 2013-03-21
Award-winning efforts in Latin America 2013-03-19
Halting multiple traumas in Bangladesh 2013-03-19
South East Neighbourhood Safe Routes (SENSOR) project underway 2013-03-19
iRAP Asia Pacific Workshop 2013-03-09
Road safety across six continents 2013-03-08
Model School Zones in Mexico 2013-02-20
FIA promoting road safety 2013-02-15
Road crashes estimated to cost at least 1.5% of GDP in Mexico 2012-11-30
New assessments underway in China 2012-11-30
Making roads safer for pedestrians 2012-11-30
New risk-ratings show safety improvements on State Highways 2012-11-23
EuroRAP publishes new website 2012-11-19
10 years of EuroRAP in Spain celebrated 2012-10-30
Engineering a Safer Future: UK EuroRAP Results 2012 2012-10-16
Rapid progress in Mexico 2012-09-17
iRAP assessments in Brazil and Egypt to begin 2012-09-09
Safety report identifies need for upgrades in Germany 2012-09-09
Preventing trauma and supporting economic growth in Belize 2012-08-17
Innovation workshop harnesses knowledge 2012-08-17
New technical references added to the Road Safety Toolkit 2012-08-01
Bangladesh on the road to safety 2012-08-01
Hundreds participate in knowledge sharing event 2012-05-16
'Unfit for 80' calls for safer motorways 2012-05-15
Road safety must be a priority at Rio+20 2012-05-15
Agustin and Morgan join efforts in Latin America 2012-05-14
IMT, MIROS and TRL become iRAP Centres of Excellence 2012-05-07
EuroRAP: a decade of safety assessments 2012-05-07
Improvements saving lives in Uganda 2012-04-24
Leveraging investment in the Philippines 2012-04-19
Vaccines for Roads 2012-04-17
ChinaRAP momentum building 2012-04-12
New SENSOR proposal largest international RAP cooperation 2012-04-12
New opportunities to save lives in the Philippines 2012-04-12
Risk of death and serious injury dropping in Europe 2012-04-12
International road funders coordinating action 2012-04-12
iRAP Global Training in Africa 2012-04-12
AusRAP tracks performance of national highways 2012-04-12
1- and 2-star roads virtually eliminated in designs 2012-04-12
Nine out ten fatal and serious crashes prevented 2012-04-12
Upgrades to the iRAP online software 2011-10-03

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