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Help us create a world free of high-risk roads

As a charity, iRAP benefits from the support of generous foundations, international organisations, companies and individuals.

The scale of the global road safety crisis is now well known and the United Nations Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020 provides the foundation for major change. Road death and injury touches everyone in the world at some stage in their life through personal loss or the loss of a family member, friend or colleague.

You have the potential to play a lead role in tackling this global epidemic.

By supporting iRAP, you would be joining world-leading donors, such as the FIA Foundation, the Global Road Safety Facility, the Road Safety Fund and Bloomberg Philanthropies.

Our partnerships with development banks and governments mean that for every dollar of support we receive, we are able to leverage thousands of dollars in life-saving road improvements and provide programmatic support to dozens of countries.

We need donor and partner support in the following areas.


Regional partners


iRAP activities have rapidly expanded around the world in recent years, stretching our resources. Additional support would enable expansion while maintaining engagement with already-active countries so that local capacity continues to develop and safe roads are built.

Support for one or more of our regions in Asia Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa, the Middle East and North Africa, Europe and Russia, Asia Pacific or North America will make a big difference and save lives.

Building capacity


After decades of building roads, causes of death and serious injury are well known, as are engineering treatments to prevent them. But wide-spread knowledge and experience in putting these into practice is missing in missing in many countries.

You can help us accelerate the development and delivery of training that will help create sustainable road engineering safety programmes.


Continuous improvement


How can the safety of pedestrians in urban areas be improved? What are the complementary environmental and safety benefits of better public transport? How do we build motorcyclist-friendly safety barriers?

You can help us answer these types of questions. As a University student you can embark on a research project using iRAP data; as a national research agency you can build a dedicated safety research program; as a donor you can help generate better knowledge that can be quickly translated into practice.

Software and technology


At the core of iRAP is the ability for development banks, governments and road safety stakeholders to get a simple measure of a road’s safety and what economically viable options there are to save lives.

You can help us continue to provide the best tools to all of our countries free-of-charge by supporting our ongoing software and technology development.



Experienced road safety professionals can help their less-experienced counterparts by becoming mentors. For example, by helping engineers answer questions like ‘how can I build a safe pedestrian crossing?’ and ‘what is good practice road delineation?’ by phone and email, and through short-term in-country assignments.

In-kind contributions


Recent donations include computer hardware and software, online marketing credits, road inspection vehicles, printing of educational materials and seconded engineers. All of these fantastic contributions have helped unlock the full benefits of the programme in each country.

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