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Why Join iRAP?

The secret of iRAP’s success has been in the depth of partnerships forged within countries and between countries.

iRAP Members transfer their know-how quickly to each other through mutual support and friendly competition. It is not unusual for one iRAP Member to help a new one who themselves later go on to help out in a further country.

That’s one major reason why RAP programmes have quickly spread through the developed world and throughout South America, eastern Europe, Africa and Asia Pacific.


Who Can Become an iRAP Member?

Any organisation working for the public good can apply for iRAP Membership or iRAP Associate Membership.

There are five Membership classes:

  1. Civil society organisations (such as auto clubs, road safety charities, and relevant NGOs).
  2. Supra-national organisations (such as development banks and treaty organisations).
  3. Regional RAP Associations (such as usRAP and EuroRAP).
  4. Authorities (such as transport, public works, health and police ministries and national, regional and local road authorities).
  5. Experts (such as research institutions, individuals or company corporate and social responsibility departments).


Types of Membership

iRAP Associate Membership

This category is ideal for organisations that want to join with hundreds of others to support the vision of creating a world free of high risk roads.

It is also ideal for those that want to prepare for an iRAP project in their country and later become iRAP Members, working on practical programmes to save lives.

To apply for iRAP Associate Membership, simply complete our online application.

iRAP Membership

This category is for organisations that are carrying out or supporting active iRAP programmes. iRAP Members are given rights to use the iRAP tools.

They often benefit from financial and technical support from iRAP or other iRAP Members and supporters as practical investment programmes to make roads safer are prepared and implemented.

iRAP Members take responsibilities too. For example, they must ensure that the quality of their work is at least as high as other iRAP Members and commit to share their learning and results with others in the interests of saving lives.

To apply for iRAP Membership, simply complete our online application.


Scheme Governance

The Regulations Establishing and Governing iRAP Members and iRAP Associate Members are available for download (click here for Spanish).


No Fees

If your organisation is in a low- or middle-income country then iRAP Membership or iRAP Associate Membership is free.

iRAP exists to help autoclubs, ministries, road authorities, research institutions, safety bodies and NGOs so they can all benefit from the work of the charity and apply world class methods to make roads safe.


Help Us Help Others

iRAP relies on generous foundations, international organisations, companies and individuals to support its charitable work.

We need financial donations, technical help and goods and services of all kinds. Recent donations include computer hardware and software, online marketing credits, road inspection vehicles, printing of educational materials and seconded engineers.

If you can help in any way, please contact us.


Scheme Development and Governance

In November 2009, iRAP published a Consultation Document entitled A Family of RAP Nations in Every Region: Developing our Membership (click here for Spanish).

The paper proposed that we build the family of RAP nations in every region, with an aim of mobilising to support the United Nations Decade of Action for Road Safety.

Having consulted widely on the membership document, a formal response has also been published. The response sets out the decsion to establish iRAP Membership and iRAP Associate Membership schemes.

Developing Our Membership: Response to Consultation (click here for Spanish) and Regulations Establishing and Governing iRAP Members and iRAP Associate Members (click here for  Spanish) are available for download.


For More Information

If you would like to know more about iRAP Membership or iRAP Associate Membership, please contact:

Brenda King

iRAP Membership Secretary

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

iRAP Membership

The iRAP Membership scheme is designed to unite all of our stakeholders globally and build partnerships to help deliver the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020.

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