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Accredited suppliers

A network of accredited road safety professionals and companies capable of competitively bidding to provide high-quality iRAP assessments is growing. 

The following table lists companies that are accredited to undertake iRAP-specification services.


Supplier Location Website Project manage Survey Coding Analysis and reporting
ARRB Group Australia www.arrb.com.au Yes Yes Yes Yes
IMT Mexico www.imt.mx       Yes
MIROS Malaysia www.miros.gov.my Yes   Yes Yes
MRI Global USA www.mriglobal.org Yes     Yes
TRF UK www.transportresearch
Yes     Yes
ADAC Germany www.adac.de   Yes Yes  
AMSS CMV Serbia www.amss-cmv.co.rs   Yes Yes Yes
AMZS Slovenia www.amzs.si   Yes Yes  
APSA Chile www.apsa.cl   Yes Yes  
CityPlan Czech Republic www.af-cityplan.cz   Yes Yes  
FIB Iceland www.fib.is   Yes Yes  
FPZ Croatia www.fpz.hr   Yes Yes   
Geovista Technologies India www.geovista.in   Yes Yes   
IRSM India www.irsm.in   Yes Yes   
RACC Spain w3.racc.es   Yes Yes   
RIOH China www.rioh.cn Yes Yes Yes  Yes
Renardet S.A. Oman www.renardet.net   Yes    
RoadKorea Korea www.roadkorea.co.kr   Yes Yes   
Siteco Italy www.sitecoinf.it   Yes    
SEMIC Mexico www.semicmex.com.mx   Yes Yes   
SWECO Sweden www.sweco.se   Yes Yes   
WDM UK www.wdm.co.uk   Yes Yes   
YonaPMS Israel and Brazil www.yonapms.com   Yes Yes   


iRAP can assist in the planning and procurement for a programme directly if required.


For more information

If you would like to build the capacity to undertake iRAP assessments within your government agency or would like to become an accredited supplier that is able to tender for iRAP projects,  then please contact:

James Bradford
Global Operations Manager
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


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